Our Services

Water softening plants.

DM plants.

Reverse Osmosis plants (domestic &industrial).

Filtration plants for drinking water.

Cooling tower plants.

Chemicals for Boilers (Anti scalants, Oxygen scavengers, Ph boosters).

Chemicals for Cooling towers (Antiscalant, Corrosion inhibitors, Algae side, Biocides.

Chemicals for R.O. Plants (Food grade Antiscalants&Descalling).

Chemicals for Etp&STP plants.

Chemicals dosing systems.

Chlorinators systems.

All water treatment plants components, consumables&spares.

All type Cartage filters.

All type water testing kits.

Descaling chemicals of Boilers, Condensers, Cooling towers, RO plants Chiller plants.

RO membrane, Filter media, Activated carbon Ion exchange resins.

Multiport Valve, Strainers&All type Housings.

Frp, MS, SS pressure vessel with all size.

Cooling towers PVC Finns, Springlers &Exhaust fan.

RO rotameter, Pressure switch &others.

Digital Tds meter, Ph meter& Hardness kits.

All spares related to water treatment plants.

AMC of RO, DM, Softner&Filteration plants.

All type Hot and Cold insulation work.

All type Pipe line Fabrication work.

Epoxy Flooring supply & application.

All type MS, SS storage tank supply and fabrication.